Ta Ta For Now

I know you will all be crushed to hear this but, I must take a blog break for the next 6 days. I have enough material to be able to complete my project and must do so. Not to mention, I guess my to do list caught up with me this last semester of college. … Continue reading

Lessons for my Readers

I am a survivor. I have survived chicken chopping, hot oil dropping, and now…birds of large size. After spending last weekend camping in Kearney, Nebraska to watch thousands of Sandhill Cranes do their staging thing on the Platte River, I am thrilled to be back home. I have to admit, with this blog I have … Continue reading

Once upon a time… I burnt down my house

Burning down my house might veer slightly from the true story, but there were things in a frying pan and the smoke alarm did sound and I think I might have seen something that resembled a flame. Of course this is all just a blur to me because as soon as I saw smoke I … Continue reading