Lessons for my Readers

I am a survivor. I have survived chicken chopping, hot oil dropping, and now…birds of large size. After spending last weekend camping in Kearney, Nebraska to watch thousands of Sandhill Cranes do their staging thing on the Platte River, I am thrilled to be back home. I have to admit, with this blog I have started looking at things a little differently. Instead of thinking, “That’s a cool looking bird” I find myself wondering, “Now, how would that taste?” I did not have to ask this question aloud before I was informed by my professor who was leading this trip that they supposedly taste awful, very oily and fishy. I was glad to find out this information without having to ask myself. Of course, even if I were told they were the most delectable feathered friends on the planet, I can assure you these birds were very safe; this would have to be something that a grocery store or market would serve well-dead in order for me to ever take a crack at it.

For your entertainment only, my roommate snapped some pictures of our camping experience. As I am a newbie to the international cooking scene, I am also a newbie to camping.

This is what it looks like when the wind tries to take your tent…

This is what it looks like when the guy next to you tries to help you with your tent…and the wind takes his.


Enough of this camping rabbit trail and back to the food.

Today I am headed back to the Yi’s Oriental Market in Manhattan for a few ingredients in my next experiment. This is where the “Lessons for my Readers” comes in. Tomorrow morning I will be up early making a traditional Filipino breakfast for my roommates. I have not told them this and neither of them have to be up early. Nonetheless… I will have every timer, buzzer, and loud noise-making-thing going off in the house by 8:00 AM tomorrow morning. If they read my blog, they would be adequately prepared and either sleep with earplugs in or get up early enough to be presentable for the camera 🙂 If they don’t read my blog…I think this will be quite the funny surprise.

To all of my non-roommate readers…Please don’t ruin the surprise and cross your fingers for funny pictures and stories from the breakfast table.

To my lovely roommates Aly and Tori…I’ll see you at breakfast!


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