Once upon a time… I burnt down my house

Burning down my house might veer slightly from the true story, but there were things in a frying pan and the smoke alarm did sound and I think I might have seen something that resembled a flame. Of course this is all just a blur to me because as soon as I saw smoke I assumed the “duck and cover” position. To say that I am afraid of anything that could burn me is an understatement. Lucky for me, a good friend of mine was there to save the day. She finished frying the jalapeno poppers as I crawled down the hall to wave a towel lasso style underneath the smoke alarm that was more than a safe distance away from any hot oil.

Now that my fear of flames is out in the open, I’d like to announce the topic of my new blogging endeavor….International Cooking!!!! As efficiency is important, this blog serves not one but TWO purposes.

1. In order to add “Secondary International Studies Major” to my diploma in May, I need to fulfill the requirement of a final research project…Welcome to one aspect of that project.

2. I have come to the tragic realization that I lack in hobbies. I need one…Welcome to my new hobby.

Over the next, well, long period of time, I will be trekking (or possible slogging) through a cacophony of recipes from anywhere and everywhere outside of the borders of the good ol’ US of A. I will see each dish through from the store shelves (or market or field or river) to the plate. My research leads me to believe that I might have to toughen up a little bit when it comes to funny textured and smelling things. Today I was looking at recipes for tripe….it’s the edible part of a take-your-pick-of-a-farm-animal- stomach and I was thinking that with the right amount of butter and garlic….well we’ll get back to that in a different post.

As I have been preparing for this cooking odyssey of sorts, I’ve decided to begin my endeavor with traditional Filipino dishes. My project will take us through Southeast Asia, but my hopes are that my millions of fans out there (hi mom) who I’m sure will be cooking right along side of me, will be on their knees begging for more stories from the kitchen. I have a tendency to give in to fan pressure so it looks like we might move right along through southeast Asia and into….everywhere else!

Do not fear. This is not a journey of me, my spatula, and a google search of recipes. No, no, there will be in depth research, special guest appearances, exotic ingredients (my roommate says anything that comes in the house must be deceased), video clips of those “YOU’VE GOTTA SEE WHAT JUST HAPPENED” moments, and of course plenty of open invitations to any brave soul who would like to share a real life face-to-face meal.

Now I know you are all itching to find out what happens the first time I step behind the stove, so I won’t keep you waiting for long. Tonight is my grand cooking-kick-off. The menu consists of traditional Filipino Lumpia (a spin off of the Chinese egg roll) and Chicken Adobo. I thought I’d start off with something that looked a little on the easy side. BUT I do have to cut a whole chicken into pieces. Yes, this is the level that I am at…squishy, cold, raw, dead, bloody, bird does still gross me out a tad. Special shout out to Zach Force and his family for being my guinea pigs tonight (we might end up ordering pizza.)

Here’s to conquering my fear of flames and squishy things!


4 Responses to “Once upon a time… I burnt down my house”
  1. Shasty says:

    Woohoo! I’m excited to come along your journey. When your in town my kitchen is always open to you!!

  2. Me too!! I am so excited to read about your journey and to see the recipes you are trying. I love to try new things in the kitchen and will definitely try some of the recpies you suggest. Please post them on the side of your blog!

    Funny thing…your mom once came to visit me right when I had caught my kitchen cabinets on fire trying to fry something! She caught me in mid panic and made fun of me accordingly! : ) Love ya! Angela

  3. Thanks for commenting friends! This is gonna be fun!

  4. Everyone has burnt food at one time or another..not to worry. Im keen to hop on the journey train! Filipino food..mmm good choice! 😉 Lumpia is my fave thing to cook..time consuming if you do it right, but well worth the effort..good luck! Sarah

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